Sunday, August 5, 2012

TChat Live at Illinois SHRM

TChat Host Meghan Biro & Dave "TheHRCzar" Ryan
mucking it up at SHRM12 in Atlanta.
If you are way into the twitter thing you know what Twitter Chats are, but if you don't live life totally in the social media world you may not have experienced these. There are hundreds of these chats that go on weekly. Some of the chats involve only a few people, some hundreds of folks.   The way a chat works is like this - there is a moderator who may have some support.  The moderator tweets out a question and the followers(audience) respond.  They respond to the question and sometimes each other. They are usually an hour in length.

Some of the more popular chats get the tweet steam buzzing to the point of where they show up as Trending on Twitter.  The stream blisters to where you can't read it or it locks up your computer.  Sound like fun - I think so.  Want to see how it works in real life (IRL).

Come to the lobby of the Drury Lane Theater on Monday evening.  There will be tweeting galore, Meghan Biro the Co-Founder of #TChat (one of the most popular and active chats) will be hosting #tchat from the Lobby/Bar area. I think you should attend and participate!

Here is the agenda/topics of discussion for the chat.  Join us!

- Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

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