Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Pilgrimage to #SHRMVLS

I haven’t gone back and counted, but I would bet that I have written at least 10 of these posts, “Headed to SHRM VLS.”

One might ask why do you keep coming back?  I guess the short answer is because I can. The event is a wonderful event for the fully engaged or want to be fully engaged SHRMies.  The conference is attended by chapter presidents, state directors and many of the other key chapter and state council board members.  In short, we come together and drink the SHRM Kool-Aid. 

For the long-timers, now it is like a family reunion or any other get together of those friends that only get to see one another once a year or so.

There will be many newbies, i.e. first timers in town for the event as well.  So, for the rest of us, it is our charge to get them as jacked up about this stuff as the old-timers are.

Early Thursday morning the event starts with trip to Capitol Hill. It is typically comprised of  400+ of the faithful going to The Hill and representing SHRM and the nearly 300,000 HR pros that make up the organization. I have made this trip numerous times, and I will tell you that it feels very empowering.  If you attend the event this year and did not go. next year, plan to do so.  As a SHRM board member you need to do this at least once.

Hank Jackson and me at #SHRM17
Back to the hotel for the opening event after The Hill visit, and it will be a special day. We will hear from SHRM CEO Hank Jackson for the last time.  Hank is retiring.  He will be missed. In my opinion he has done a stellar job leading the organization through good times and bad.  If we could I would like to dedicate Friday 11/17 to thank Hank.  So, if you tweet and you use the #SHRMVLS tag, on Friday also include the hashtag #ThanksHank as a show of support and thanks.  Hank is a quiet modest fellow and does not want much fanfare but at least us tweeters can salute our outgoing CEO.
So as the old guy leaves we are going to meet the “new guy” Johnny Taylor.  He is not new to SHRM or HR.  He has been the chairman of the board in the mid-2000s.  I was around then, and I can tell you he is a charming, witty, engaging leader. I will be most interested to hear from him and his plans for the organization.

Friday and Saturday are meetings and SHRM business. Enjoy this. This is the purpose of the whole event.

Other thoughts on the event.

·       Learn

·       Network connect with as many people as you can

·       Immerse yourself in the event

·       Share

·       Sleep as little as possible

·       Smile

And if you haven’t met my friend Steve Browne (SHRM Board Member and Pizza guy from Ohio) seek him out.  Steve always says he wants to meet EVERYONE at any event he attends.  He is not kidding.
-Dave Ryan Director ILSHRM