Thursday, April 18, 2013

Proud like a Papa

My  guess is that anyone who is looking at this is probably at the stage in their life where they have either had a hand in raising some children or are in the process of doing so now.  In doing so, you have the opportunity to watch that child grow - learn - mature and hopefully become a fine  young person.  While along the way you see some low points and also some flashes of brilliance.

As a long time SHRM volunteer I have seen many efforts put forth by volunteers at the local, state and national level.  Like the child, some of the efforts lack some luster, while other shine. Well recently I had the chance to be a part of one of those memorable events.  It is like this; do you remember your child's first hit in baseball, first goal in soccer or hockey, their best game in basketball or the game winning stuff to win a volleyball game.  As you reflect on them, they return with fond memories - and you think I did ok with that child. Well earlier this month I saw one of those flashes of brilliance not from my child but via my local SHRM Chapter and the State Council of SHRM.

Donna Rogers, Cathy Plouzek, Moderator Penny McCarty,
Dave Ryan and J. Reed Roestler. (EEOC Panel  L to R)
On April 10 and April 11, the CIC-SHRM Chapter and the Illinois State Council of SHRM collaborated to put on the 7th (I think) Annual Legislative Conference.   In the past, I feel they haven't always gone as well as we would have like them to go. The attendance wasn't what we wanted it to be, the post events did not turn out as we had hoped. There were suffice it to say, some disappointments. It wasn't bad, some of us had  had hoped for more - kind of like your kid grounding out when he was up to bat, he put the ball in play, but didn't get on base.

Well this year our team hit a HOME RUN.  We got it right this time. Kudos to Tami Ireland - ILSHRM Legislative Director and to Larry Small CIC-SHRM's Legislative Affairs Chair.  Together they teamed up and pulled off an amazing two-day session. This year a larger team was assembled and well utilized. The planning was very meticulous from Mr. Small (he is that way). The results of this were evidenced in the two day affair.

This year I was afforded a small speaking role in the event  on an EEOC Panel, and despite that, the event received high marks from  all of the attendees who completed the evaluations.

Mike Vandervort laying it down on labor news.
Another big thanks goes out to Michael Layman who traveled from SHRM headquarters to speak to our audience on day one.  And although I did not attend (and Mr. Layman reminded me of this), my sources tell me that he did an outstanding job.  And I would also like to throw out a big thanks to my friend Michael Vandervort who travel all the way from Lakeland, Florida to be with us and tell us about (and click on his name to read about this) some new things that are happening on the labor front.

My last thank you and congratulations goes out to IL SHRM State Council Chairs, past and present.  To John Jorgensen and Donna Rogers for getting this conference out of the gate and having the faith and guts to stick with it, and to our current chair Cathy Plouzek for keeping the event growing and moving forward. I am sure 2014 will be even better!

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM