Friday, January 7, 2011

About Me & About My ISC-SHRM Goals for the next 2 Years

Today, being the fifth day on the job as the new State Director for Illinois State Council of SHRM, I thought I would share a few words. No, really our social media director, @DaveTheHRCzar, gave me a little nudge. I have plenty of time to write for our blog site among the overwhelming list of “to do’s on my desk from paid jobs not to mention our upcoming state Leadership Conference this Monday. So, I will be brief!

First, I would like to share a little about my SHRM volunteer responsibilities over the years leading up to my current position on the state council. I joined our local chapter, CIC-SHRM, in the mid-90s and that’s about as clear as my memory gets. What I do know is that in 1997 I became active on the chapter board and joined SHRM in 1998 as a strongly encouraged requirement for being a board member. Before that I did not know anything about the national organization. In 2001, while still being involved in my chapter for another four years I joined the Illinois State Council and have been active ever since. Here is a rundown of the positions I have held in order but I can’t exactly remember the dates. Those 20 years in HR is starting to show!


• Public Relations/Publicity Chair (newsletter)
• Legislative Director (started the first chapter Legislative Conference)
• Vice President/Programs Director
• President-Elect/SHRM Foundation Director
• President (2 year term)
• Outgoing President (finishing in 2005)
• Since then the Chapter Librarian


• Conference Co-Chair (2 years representing my chapter with another state chapter)
• Conference Chair (they made it an official board position)
• Diversity Director
• Director-Elect/SHRM Foundation Director
• Now! Director

Second, I’d like to share a few goals that I would like our state council to achieve during my two year tenure as Director. I have to admit these goals are prior to my looking at the SHAPE plan. So I am sure it will grow. Also, this is prior to meeting with our core council board this weekend which may affect the finalized list and work plan as we move forward (so this is tentative but I don’t doubt I will get support from the board):

1. 100% Chapters signing the ESGR Statement of Support (;

2. Build SHRM Affiliate Chapters in the Southern part of the state (working on 3 already);

3. Increase awareness of ISC-SHRM & SHRM resources among all state legislators (with SHRMs help as one of the 10 states they plan to work with this year);

4. Reach 1000 attendees at our annual conference (in Aug at Drury Lane in Oakbrook);

5. Reach 100 attendees at our 1st Annual Legislative Conference (last year was our inaugural event);

6. 100% Chapter participation in the annual Chapter Basket Raffle Fundraiser at State Conference;

7. Develop a formal Succession Plan with the assistance of a Nomination Committee to be appointed;

8. Finalize and implement a formal strategic plan started at last year’s Leadership Core Planning meeting;

9. Finalize and implement an updated Website with the help of Carrie Gurski which was started last year; and

10. Analyze our financial situation and develop a backup plan to sustain our council and support our mission for a year or two in case our income is impacted (primarily our attendance at annual conference).

Finally, I just want to say thank you to all those I have met and worked with along the way and to those I will continue to work with on the board and in the chapters. I look forward to meeting all the HR leaders in the state because there are so many of you! I am humbled to serve you over the next couple years and want you to know that my virtual door is always open. Call or text me at 217-414-1297, email me at, DM me on twitter @HRWarrior or Skype me at donnarogerssphr. I look forward to working with you!

Donna Rogers ISC State Director