Friday, November 16, 2012

SHRMLead Update

This is day two of the Leadership Conference.  We are a new location this year and there is a  different feel, a different vibe here.  The property, The Gaylord is nothing less than magnificent, the facility is huge and there are other events of equal size going on here.  You can almost get the feel of a three ring circus - just a lot going on here.

Thursday gave us the obligatory sad to see you go for outgoing Chair Jose Berrios.  Hank Jackson also addressed the group and was well received. In total I understand there are about 1000 attendees.  Nearly 400 made the trip to Capitol Hill on Lobby Day.  
The  huge hotel atrium overlooking the Potomac River.

While the sessions have been good I have heard negative comments about the food, the heating, the front desk billing issues and I hate to say it but the complete lack of wi-fi service in any of the conference rooms. Not that we  ever had that at the Crystal Gateway - but I keep hoping someday that as much as SHMR purports to be social media friendly, that they would have free and open wi-fi at ALL OF THEIR EVENTS..

Another thing that I have been made aware of is the seeming lack of young people in chapter leadership positions.  I don't know how or why this is, but it appears to be evident, as this was pointed out to me by a young attendee.

Now with all of that said, the conference is GREAT.  This is a wonderful time to get together with other volunteer leaders and share information, practices, stories and maybe a few drinks. I will be following up with a couple posts on the hill visit, a couple conference session and what the collective take always for the largest contingent of Illinois HR pros to ever attend the event.  My count had 40+ red shirts at the event - perhaps the largest group from any state.

The closing dinner is yet to come, so there will be more from the Pinnacle Awards and the Saturday's closing sessions.  I hoped to give those not in attendance a little flavor of the event.   If you are on-site please comment on my observations. I would like to know if others agree or disagree.

-More to come...

Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM