Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet John Jorgensen

I used to worked with a gentleman who would often say, “If you don’t blow your own horn, ain’t nobody gonna blow it for you.” I am sure he did not make the quote up and it contains bad English, nonetheless I have often found it to be appropriate. And such is the case with ISC SHRM State Director John Jorgensen. (John won’t blow his horn – so contrary to the quote, I am going to blow his horn for him.)

The Illinois State Council of SHRM has been fortunate to have the services of Mr. Jorgensen for nearly a decade. The last two years have been as the Director of the State Council of SHRM. Recently William Tincup interviewed John, and that interview is posted on the blogsite Fistful of Talent. If you know John or have been involved with him, and many people have, by all means read the piece, and leave a comment on the site.

-Dave Ryan IL SHRM Director of Socail Media