Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tim Sackett - The Most Powerful Man in HR

Kyle Lagunas
Today's guest post is from Kyle Lagunas. He is  the HR Analyst at Software Advice – a company that does human resources software reviews. On the surface, it's his job to contribute to the ongoing conversation on all things HR. Beyond that, he makes sure his audience is keeping up with important trends and hot topics in the industry. Focused on offering a fresh take on points of interest in his market, he's not your typical HR guy.

Tim Sackett
(Presenter at ILSHRM11)

Though my inbox and Twitter feed are flooded daily, rare is the article that catches my eye quite like a recent piece published by Fistful of Talent. It posed a simple question: “Is Tim Sackett the Most Powerful Man in HR?” The answer (“Yes.”) was news to me. After reading Sackett’s piece, I was left with another, more pressing question: Who exactly is this guy?

Having determined that his was a brain worth picking, I scheduled a Q&A with Sackett and quickly found out he’s an HR veteran with a big personality. When I asked him how he got into HR, Sackett said that, like a lot of college kids, “You just fall into something. You either like it and do well, or you don't and you start looking for something else.” 

Fresh out of college, his mother – the CEO at HRU Technical Services – offered him a sourcing position as a research assistant. From there, he launched into a 10-year career in corporate HR before returning to take the reins at HRU. Now the Executive VP, Sackett seems to have found his place in the HR world and, thankfully, was willing to share his lessons learned.

Sackett: If you have limited resources, the only thing that is going to help you become more efficient is technology.
The only way you are going to do more with less is to utilize the technology that you have available to you, and to educate yourself.
Everyone should be using Google Reader. There are organizations out there that drive a community of HR professionals that share resources and information, and all you have to do is subscribe to them to get their updates in your inbox. I also use Twitter, and at any minute I could go out there and say, “I'm looking for a total comp statement to use.” I have roughly 3,500 Twitter followers, and within five minutes I will have five people send me a link or an email of a total comp statement that they put together.
At that point, I'm not just one single HR professional in northern Wisconsin working on my own. I have all these people who are saying, "Let's use this community to really go out and drive better HR in our organizations individually.” But you’ve go to plug in first.

Sackett: There's some basic automation in HR that you need to be effective. For me, an applicant tracking system is invaluable. You have to find a way not only to process incoming talent, but also to go back and find that talent that has found you already. When I first started at HRU as a research assistant, I worked with file cabinets full of resumes. A recruiter would say, "I need a Process Engineer.” That's file 63, and the file would literally be five inches thick of resumes. You would start calling and looking at notes people wrote on them six months ago. Really from that experience, I can tell you that an applicant tracking system is worth its weight in gold. You're always going to get your return on investment from that standpoint.

For further reading, check out the full Q&A on Kyle's blog:

-Thanks To Kyle and Tim for a wonderful post - Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ohio SHRM 2011 - Thought About Attending?

The Final Countdown is here. The Ohio 2011 SHRM Conference is soon.  It promises to be great event starting Sept. 21 and running through Sept. 23. Here are some details from Conference Chair Steve Brown

I was running over the program details and compiled this list of people (in no particular order) who will be speaking at OHSHRM11.

| Mark Stelzner | Mike VanDerort | Benjamin Mc Call | Paul Hebert | William Tincup| China Gorman |Stephanie Thomas | Bill Boorman | Jennifer McClure |

And that list is just the people that I know.  There are a number of other presenters as well. And just because I am not familiar with their work means nothing. They may, in fact be the best presenters of the conference.

This conference, just like the Illinois conference is put on by ALL volunteers.  Steve tells me that I am going to meet a fabulous group of volunteers in Ohio.  He should know. The event currently has over 700 people from five states and Canada registered.

Ok, so why are we trumpeting what is going on in Ohio here on the ILSHRM Blog Site? There are two reasons.  First, I was born in Ohio – Toledo/Lucas County to be exact so I am forever connected to Ohio.  Secondly and probably more importantly, at least two of us from Illinois SHRM will be attending to learn, observe and share at the event.  John Jorgensen and I (Dave Ryan) will be attending.

As the Director of Social Media for ILSHRM, I had certain obligations at the Illinois Conference, albeit far less than my fellow traveler John.  I know I speak for both of us when I say I am excited to be attending as a participant, a blogger, a tweeter – someone who gets to attend and take in the conference, learn from the sessions, see some old friends and make some new ones.

Watch for out tweets from the event and we will see you at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM