Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ILSHRM Conference and SlideKlowd Partner to Help You Experience True Engagement!

The annual state conference prides itself on bringing emerging trends to its attendees. We have been a leader amongst other state conferences in ensuring that our topics and workshops are on the forefront of what is happening in the world of human resources. This year will be no different.

In an effort to allow our presenters to not only share content, but have actual conversations with attendees we are excited to announce a partnership with SlideKlowd.

SlideKlowd is an application that allows presenters and attendees to better engage with one another in real time.  Using any smartphone, tablet or laptop running the vapp, presenters can push content to a user's device. This could be the actual presentation, questions or polls or other content such as YouTube videos. At the same time, attendees can interact with the presenter by reacting to a poll, answering a question or raising their hand. It also allows for saving of a presentation to use for reference material later.

The most exciting thing about SlideKlowd for me is the measurement tool. One of the most stressful parts about putting together a conference is choosing speakers. I want to make sure that every speaker who graces our stage or concurrent sessions leaves you thinking. It is my goal that you learn and grow from every session you attend. With so many speaker submissions, it is not always easy to know who is going to be able to do this effectively. With SlideKlowd, the attendee, just by interacting (or not) is going to be able to give both the speaker and the conference committee real feedback about the session, topic and presenter. Just by using the app, the 2013 attendees of ILSHRM are going to be able to help us make the 2014 conference even better.

So bring your laptop or mobile device, download the SlideKlowd app and get ready for an extra level of engagement.

If you have not registered for the 2013 ILSHRM conference do so today! Early bird registration ends July 1, 2013. To register, click here.

Sabrina Baker, PHR  - ILSHRM Conference Chair