Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drive Thru HR Live at ILSHRM 11

I know a secret. And what is the coolest thing about knowing a secret? Of course, telling somebody else. Here is my secret… although it really isn’t one.
Starting next year Illinois SHRM’s good friend Bryan Wempen who hosts the internet radio show Drive thru HR is going to be joined by a new co-host. That new co-host is none other than William J. Tincup. While I have not met Mr. Tincup we have been connected in cyberspace for many months. He contributes to Fistful of Talent (where he recently interviewed our on John Jorgensen). You might also find him attending or presenting at conferences and now you will be able to find him hanging out on an internet radio show focused on Human Resources matters.

(Left) William Tincup and Bryan Wempen (Right)  DTHR - Co Hosts
In addition to a new co-host, Bryan and the show are moving to a new time slot. Drive thru HR (#DTHR the twitter hashtag) is moving to a 12: noon Central time slot on blogtalk radio. Bryan and William are intent on focusing on trench HR issues.

Bryan is taking the radio show on the road next year, and will be in attendance at the Illinois SHRM state conference in August 2011, where he will be spinning his broadcasting magic letting the world know what is going on at the conference. We are excited to have Drive Thru HR on-board for our 2011 conference.

Oh and there is one more thing, Illinois SHRM’s Director of Social Media (me) is going to be a guest on the newly formatted DTHR show on Friday January 7, 2011 at 12 noon discussing some real trench HR issues. Tune in and give Bryan and William a listen it will be fabulous!