Saturday, May 7, 2011

ILSHRM Speaker Preview - Dwane Lay

As one of the writers of this blog, I am afforded the opportunity to say pretty much what I want - within reason. (The ILSHRM execs do jerk my chain once in a while.)  Today I am excited to start a series of posts.  The series is going going to be an assembly of short videos from some of our speakers for the Illinois SHRM State Conference August 22 and 23.

This post is the first of these.  I would like to introduce you to Dwane Lay. Dwane lives is the St. Louis area and will be traveling to Oak Brook for our event.  Although Dwane and I live about 90 miles apart I had to travel to Atlanta to meet him recently.  He is (at least in my mind) a young man full of energy and creative ideas for Human Resources.  So meet Dwane Lay...

-Dave Ryan IS SHRM Director of Social Media

Monday, May 2, 2011


Happy Spring!
I hope that you have now had the pleasure of visiting our newly remade website at which features a whole new look and many user-friendly features.  In conjunction with this exciting step, another important communication tool will be getting a facelift.  Our summer 2011 newsletter will be our first “e-newsletter,” complete with links to your favorite ILSHRM newsletter features including Chapter Notes from around the State and a Message from Our Director!  With the look and feel of our website, the publication will mirror other branding efforts for ILSHRM.
One exciting features of this new format will be that we will no longer be limited by the constraints of a traditional newsletter format.  This means that we will have much greater flexibility in the number and size of our submissions.  While we would like to keep with spirit of a true newsletter with concise bits of interesting tidbits, we will now be able to feature more photos and features.
Our next newsletter deadline will be June 1, 2011 and we have a lofty but achievable goal.  Chapter Notes is an important tool for local chapters to share upcoming events, best practices and member recognition.  For our summer edition, we are targeting a 100% participation rate from our chapters.  Whether it’s a quick note about a successful educational session you’ve held or a new volunteer project your chapter has undertaken, we want to hear from you!  So, if your chapter is not a regular contributor to the ILSHRM newsletter, let’s take advantage of this new online format to turn a new page with participation.
Our next publication will also be our final newsletter before our 12th annual conference August 22-23 at Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace.  For those of you who have never attended, or who haven’t attended in recent years, the conference is now bigger and better than ever.  Whether you are a seasoned HR executive or new to the HR scene, this event has it all- education, networking, an outstanding display of vendors, and did I mention a top-notch venue in the hub of great dining, shopping and culture! 
Heather Hammitt - Marketing/Communications Director for ISC-SHRM