Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BNHRC -These Guys Are Good

ILSHRM's Tech Team Angel Rachel & Dave Ryan at ILSHRM11
performing as room monitors and designated tweeters at a session.
Wednesday September 26th, 2012 is not too far away.  I am looking forward to this day... why?  I have a bunch of reasons.  The first and foremost reason is I have been invited to be a guest at The Bloomington-Normal Human Resources program Social Media Strategies for Human Resources.  You too can come - just click here.

I have been involved with SHRM at many levels for a long time. In that time, I have met a lot of great SHRM folks.  Angela Rachel and I have become good friends because of SHRM and social media.  Last year at SHRM Leadership I met Casey Radliff too.  And now, Angela has invited me at attend and be part of an upcoming event with her chapter. I am humbled.

The 2012 BNHRC Board
So in preparing to attend, I, of course took a look at BNHRC website. After I perused the site, it was apparent to me that here is a chapter in Central Illinois that is doing a whole bunch of things right.  On the website I very prominately see the three legs (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) of an effective social social media strategy for a SHRM chapter.  As the Director of Social Media for the Illinois State Council I say kudos BNHRC!  You are walking the walk and talking the talk - AND you are hosting a program dedicated to Social Media and HR.  This is so enlightened to me. There are chapters (who shall remain nameless) that could do a seminar called Social Media for HR - Coming out of the Closet Soon. You guys have chosen to embrace it.  I think that is spectacular. I think BNHRC is very progressive and should be recognized for their work; because it is a lot of work to stay on top of things. Casey you have a great team I hope you tell them that.

Jennifer McClure on the big stage, sharing her passion and longevity
to the field of what we now call HR at SHRM12 ATL.
Now, a few words about the meeting itself. Jennifer McClure is going to be the Keynote Speaker.  Honestly that is worth the price of admission. I have known Jennifer for a while now - and yes we met first through social media.  I have seen her speak at least five times (maybe more) and she is always fabulous.  Most recently I saw her present at SHRM National in Atlanta, where she filled a room of  500-700 at 7 AM the first day of the conference. Jennifer has advised me too, on how to use social media in hiring - and it worked. I will be there tweeting away.

Regarding the break out sessions that follow, I can't speak to them too much as I do not know the presenters - but I will after the program. Judging by the titles The Employer Brand in a Social World and Social Networking and the Law either program would provide some great dialogue.

During the lunch hour, there is going to be a panel discussion about Finding the Right People Through Social Networks.  Angela has graciously asked me to be part of the panel.  BNHRC has also asked Nathan Gildrow, Emilie Shoop, Autumn McReynolds and Lew Steinbach to participate on the panel as well. The discussion will be moderated by Ms. McClure.  Hopefully this topic will give each of the attendees some takeaways that they can implement immediately.

And then BNHRC will wrap this up and have you out of the meeting at 1:30 pm, packing 4 hours of HRCI credit.  Sounds like a good day to me, the only question for me is do I head back to the office, or just hang around Bloomington  and kill the rest of the day at one of the local golf courses.  Decisions, decisions, at least I have a few day before I must make up my mind.  Hope to meet you there!

--Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHMR

Monday, September 17, 2012

Can’t Attend #SHRMStrat Follow ILSHRM Rep

The annual SHRM Strategy conference is just around the corner October 3-5 in Palm Springs, CA.  Last year was a first experience for this conference as I had previously attended all the others at one point or another over my career except the new one on workfit.  As with all SHRM conferences you had your usual suspects like SHRM Store, Meet to Eat and other popular attractions but what I was most impressed with was the topics discussed as well as the caliber of people who were attending.  This year’s conference promises to be just as rewarding with the following keynotes.

ILSHRM will be represented again on the press team and I invite you to follow along via twitter and this blog site.  If you have questions for me to ask the speakers, feel free to tweet those to me at any time.  I look forward to doing what I can for those who can’t attend so you too can share in the experience and learning during the event.

--Donna Rogers ISC SHRM Chair