Thursday, March 22, 2018

ILSHRM Bloggers at SHRM18

 With the SHRM 18 Annual Conference being in “our” backyard, a couple of ILSHRM’s finest have been asked to participate in the SHRM 18 Blog Squad as part of the social media effort promoting the conference leading up to and during the event, those being Dave Ryan, the current ILSHRM State Director and John Jorgensen, a past State Director.

Dave Ryan
John Jorgensen
As part of the effort to introduce them to the folks who do not know them (believe it or not there are a few), Mike VanderVort, a long time social media presence and a friend of ILSHRM, had both on his Drive Thru HR blog talk radio show to discuss their involvement with the Blog Squad and SHRM in general.  This would be a good place to let those who missed them catch up via the links shown below.  In addition, there is also a link to a Facebook post each did to introduce themselves to the other Blog Squad members……

Here's Dave Ryan, aka @DavetheHRCzar on Twitter.  His DTHR interview is found here and his Facebook post:

Next is John Jorgensen, aka @jkjhr on Twitter.  His DTHR interview is here and his Facebook post:  

Please follow both of us on Twitter for our reports during the conference and on the SHRM Blog Posts leading up to the conference.  If you are going to be at SHRM 18, track us down.  It will be worth your while!

- John Jorgensen Past State Director ILSHRM

Monday, March 12, 2018

Workflex For All from SHRM

I have been in the HR game for a while now, and I am seeing big changes in what it takes to recruit and keep employees that are the type you want to hang around.  Study upon study have shown that one thing employees now desire from their employers is a fair amount of time off, without having their attendance being questioned.  However, what is a fair amount?

Many governmental agencies have tried to address this.  This has led to is a patchwork of legislation and laws governing the workplace.  There are state laws in some states, county laws and city laws defining what it is that employers MUST provide.   Now, it can be quite a challenge for multi-state employers to navigate the patchwork of laws in different cities, counties and states.   It also leaves other employer wondering when the “hammer” is going to fall on them and they will be required to provide a certain level of time-off, regardless of what they are currently offering.
All of SHRM's State Director's supporting #Workflex.

So where is this going? The Society of Human Resources Management has been working on a solution for several years now, and it is now bill in the House of Representatives – House Resolution 4219  aka HR 4219 (isn’t it ironic “HR” is in the name of the bill).

I have skin in the game on this bill. At some point in the process I attended a listening session on this matter. In the discussion, I was heartened to understand that my employer offers what is deemed to be a “fair” amount of time off as defined by the bill. This is no longer my opinion only, it is from an objective measure, that says we are a good place to work and provide a reasonable amount of time off for our staff.

Now what does the bill do?  It allows employers to opt-in to a program, that says if you offer an amount of time off that is equal to of greater than defined in the legislation, that employer will then be exempted from all the other laws governing time off for employers.  Your company or organization DOES NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE.   Employers, who choose to do so, would opt in to exempt their organization from other laws. 

I suspect moving forward it would also be a way to communicate to prospective employees that they can have an expectation of a “reasonable amount” of time off is they chose to work for your organization.  I am sure some marketing genius with come up with a catchy tag line like… Don’t be vexed with your employer join us for Workflex.

At this point there has been a phenomenal amount of effort in turning this idea into legislation then getting it sponsored (Mimi Walters  CA – R) and introduced.  But there is a lot more work to be done by working HR pros. We are the people that are going to be affected by legislation like this, day in and day out.

This is a call to action to go read the bill.  Then if you, and/or your employer feel like you can support this SHRM needs your help. This bill needs emails, letters, calls, visits to district office, Capitol Hill visits to our legislators where we must tell them how this bill will help our organizations and that you request their support for HR 4219.

Please contact your State Council Legislative Chairs and tell them that you support this measure and you want to help them turn this “HR” into law. 

If you want more on this I suggest you read another blog post on the matter written by my friend Sharly Lauby at her blogsite The HR Bartender.

-Dave Ryan ISC State Director

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities at ILSHRM!

2017 has been a full and busy year for ILSHRM. From our Legislative conference in April all the way through to the State Conference at the end of September our Board has been working hard throughout the year to keep HR practitioners in Illinois abreast of all the changes that this year has brought. As with any business, it is often the busiest and most tumultuous times that teach you valuable lessons in both organization and leadership. It is through that that we are excited to announce that we are growing our board and have new volunteer leadership opportunities!

We know, you have a busy schedule, but we want to encourage you to make time and get involved with ILSHRM. Not only does volunteering and professional involvement helps strengthen your skills, build your professional portfolio and create new professional relationships – it’s also fun and extremely rewarding.

By volunteering your time, experience and expertise, you can give back to the human resources industry while growing and supporting your own business and career. Effect change, gain leadership experience, grown your network, receive professional and personal recognition. Get involved today!

ILSHRM is currently looking to fill the following volunteer leadership positions:

Governmental Affairs Director  - Working in close cooperation with the SHRM Government Affairs Team, this individual will monitor and evaluate, on a continuing basis, pending federal, state, and local legislative, regulatory, and legal activities that may have an impact on the management of human resources. From there, communicate SHRM legislative affairs policies and goals to SHRM chapters and members within the state. 

Workforce Readiness Director – This position monitors and evaluates state and local activities concerning workforce readiness issues, and works with chapter workforce readiness advocates to plan and encourage chapter involvement and activities impacting the workforce readiness arena.

State Conference Director - Elect - Serves as a member of the state council responsible for managing all activities related to running the annual ILSHRM state conference.

SHRM Foundation Director - Educate, promote, and represent the interests of the SHRM Foundation and its activities to the chapter membership.

Certification Director - Promotes SHRM certification activities for the state council, SHRM affiliated chapters and their members.

Why Volunteer?
·         To become a stronger more diversely skilled professional
·         Build your knowledge and credibility as an HR practitioner
·         Develop your network and build on professional/business opportunities
·         Foster relationships with HR thought leaders

·         Be a part of the development and advancement of the HR Profession