Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ILSHRM CIC-SHRM Legislative Conference

So having attended Capitol Hill day several times in Washington DC, I thought that our ILSHRM efforts for this year were a bust. We had more people than ever go to the Illinois Statehouse and the count was 24.  But then I thought about that for a moment and thought things need to be proportional.    The last time I went to Capitol Hill there were 400+ members who went - impressive! We sent 24 to our statehouse.   Wait though let’s do the math.  On the last trip to Capitol Hill 400 of the 280,000 members attended or 0.0014 % the membership.   Now looking at our Illinois delegation, 24 of the 12,300 members attended or 0.0019% of our state membership; BAM #ILSHMR wins!

While I have not attended all of the Legislative Conferences, I have made a number of them. I still enjoy being around a bunch of like minded #HR pros, it just gets me stoked.  Yesterday’s version was no different.    We heard from Jonathan Segal, who is an accomplished – often quoted labor lawyer. He shared his brand of HR Law which often brought levity to the whole matter.

This was followed up by ILSHRM Lobbyist Jay Dee Shadduck.  Jay brought us three state agency directors, a state senator and one state representative. These folks all had interesting prospective on what was going on in state government and why we should care, and /or feel good about it.  Some of them did a better job articulating this point than others. I will leave the final decision as to who was who, to the others that attended.

After lunch we heard from Kelly Hastings, a member of the SHRM Legislative Affairs team.  And while Kelly touched on a number of subjects that had already been kicked around, she provided some hard facts and legislative insight that could only come from a true insider.   We thank Kelly for an early out in DC and a late night back in.  (The new rules on exempt employees will be here very soon!)

Then it was off to the Illinois Statehouse.  While the Senate was not in session when we arrived, they were doing committee hearings, the House was in session.  The consensus was it is easy to see why we don’t have a budget.  What we saw from our brief visit there was organized confusion at best.  There was no real debate going on and only a vote or two took place.  There were a lot of people in the Capitol but I am not sure what they were all doing.  Although from my vantage point I so no one talking or worrying about a budget.  Hmm, I guess government just works different that private sector business.

Tomorrow is Day two of the conference; we will see what that holds for us.  See you there!

     Dave Ryan – ISC SHRM Director Elect

Monday, March 7, 2016

And The Winner Is...

Stop. Don’t read any further until you watch the video of the February 2016 Illinois State HR Games and Case Competition hosted by Illinois State University (@ISU-SHRM). 

After watching, you’re either thinking 1) my team and I had a great time networking and learning from others or 2) Why did I miss that?  If you didn’t catch us this time, there’s always next year.  The Illinois State Council of SHRM (ILSHRM) gives all student chapters the opportunity to host the event on their campus annually.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Teams from Illinois State University (ISU), Northern Illinois University (NIU) and Olivet Nazarene University (ONU) competed in two events; HR Games Jeopardy style, and a Case Competition solving a real HR Case. The day wasn’t only about the competition. The students also enjoyed the comedic style of the IMPROV Attacks entertainment group.  These geniuses made the #puppymonkeybaby Superbowl commercial (which I never understood in the first place) even funnier than the original.

Teams ISU 2 and 1 placed first and second in the Jeopardy competition, respectively.  Another ISU team won the Case Competition and team NIU 2 placed second.  Each member of the winning ISU Case Competition team received a complimentary registration for the Young Professionals workshop at the ILSHRM State Conference, which will take place on September 25, 2016.  Way to go team ISU!

So who was the big winner of the day, you ask? Kudos goes to all involved. The ISU-SHRM chapter planned a great event that brought together the talents of the Jeopardy team(s) and the Case Competition winner. Let’s not forget the chapter advisors, professors, and ILSHRM volunteers conference attendees.  The day couldn’t have happened without them. We’re seeing the next generation of HR leaders. The future is so bright.

Help us host the 2017 HR Games and Case Competition! #SHRMstudent
Nikki Bolden, PHR, SHRM-CP

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Path for ILSHRM

I agreed to it, and I have been trying to learn from my mentor Connie Wolgemuth on what it is I am supposed to do, and what I am in charge of as the Director of ILSHRM. Connie is fabulous and has been a joy to work with, but I still have a great deal of consternation within this troubled mind of mine.

We recently wrapped up our annual leadership conference (#ILSHRMLead) and now we have survey results. So like most other things I have been involved with to this point in my life, I am trying to understand, analyze and comprehend what the data from the survey is telling me. Once I get it figured out, then I need to develop an action plan as to what we are going to do next year. Isn't that right, we are supposed to learn from our failures and capitalize on our successes.

This year (2016) we moved the event to Bloomington (downstate) for the first time. When I review the remarks people made, they either hated it (Chicago land members) or they loved it (down staters). There were also very polarizing comments about our programming. Everybody seems to want killer, kick ass content that will send them out the door feeling 10 feet, tall ready to go home and lead their organizations and run the best damn SHRM chapter in the world! Oh, and we have to do this on a shoestring budget. So that's what I am looking at for next year.

The "Money Lady" getting ready to do her thing.
It appears to me that this is going to get more difficult. So, I guess this is where the LEADERSHIP thing is supposed to kick in. I do what I think is the right thing, because of my KSAs and life experiences, and if I am right everyone throws accolades my way and tells me how wonderful I am - or....let's not think about the alternative.

Plans for next year need to begin soon, so I had better get this figured out quickly. I think, I am going to need some input from smart people around me, as to what to do about this conference and some of the other matters that are going to be on my plate as the State Director. Who do I trust, whose opinion should I value, who is right? Dunno! I guess this is what I signed up to do.

As I prepare to post this, I look back over this blog site and see all of the stuff I wrote as the Director of Social Media and now I am soon to be the State Director, hmm quite a change in roles and responsibilities. ILSHRMies soon you will be passengers on the craft which is being piloted by @DaveTheHRCzar former Director of Social Media turned ILSHRM State Director. I will need all or your help - please be gentle with me!

-Dave Ryan Director Elect ISC-SHRM