Monday, February 7, 2011

New Initiative - New Publication for ISC SHRM

First, let me say that I am so excited to be joining this distinguished team of guest bloggers. Dave Ryan has done an outstanding job of assembling a top notch group of contributors. Hats off to you, Dave!

As the Marketing/Communications Director for ISC-SHRM, I am looking forward to digging into a wide range of projects this year to better brand and position our group. From solidifying our mission, vision and core values to spreading the word about our 12th annual conference, there are several truly exciting things on the horizon.

One major initiative that we are exploring for 2011 is a new partnership with a media firm that has the ability to, among many other things, provide us with a high-quality ISC-SHRM magazine produced in both digital and traditional form. Many of our fellow state councils have already headed down this path and have turned out some very impressive pieces.

Since ISC-SHRM is really all about you, my fellow HR gurus, forward motion on this initiative will be contingent on two factors: interest in reading the publication and interest in contributing to the publication.

I understand that you may be wondering what the benefits of a magazine would be to our Council. First, it should be noted that the magazine and all associated expenses are paid in full through advertisements. So, this professional piece is completely FREE to our Council! With the instant gratification of social media and other modes of rapid communication, we look to this publication as a way to complement our existing efforts by focusing on less time-sensitive, more in-depth HR commentary and research. In addition to the core group of HR professionals we serve, the magazine will attempt to reach other business professionals and educators to further build the ISC brand. We also envision the magazine to be a springboard for a host of other future media endeavors.

Like so many initiatives, volunteerism is key to the success of this project. So, State and Chapter leaders (and anyone else out their willing to roll up their sleeves), we are interested in hearing from you! In order to make this idea a reality, we will need a strong team of volunteers willing to commit to one quality semi-annual submission (one-time guest columnists also welcome!).

If you have interest, please let me know ASAP. I will also be sending an email this week to State and Chapter leaders. This is an awesome opportunity for any aspiring columnists or for anyone with an interesting HR story or perspective.

Until next time…..

Heather Hammitt - Marketing/Communications Director for ISC-SHRM