Thursday, December 18, 2014

Call for Speakers Who Can Help Us Level Up Our Game at ILSHRM15

 We have played around with themes for the last several years at ILSHRM, but we have not really gotten serious with them. In September, Julie and I had the pleasure of attending OHSHRM and man were we impressed with how they incorporated their theme into every aspect of the event. We loved it and wanted to get serious about using and asking our speakers/exhibitors to use our theme as much as possible.

So with a hat tip to our SHRM Director, Martha Ramirez, Julie came up with Level Up Your HR Game. I don't know what comes to your mind when you hear that, but in my mind I see Mario on my Nintendo jumping up and hitting the mushroom, beating the level and it saying Level Up!

At the 2015 conference we want to help practitioners level up their game. Regardless of whether they are playing Chutes and Ladders at the kitchen table, Mario Bros on the Wii or Candy Crush on their iPhone 6+, we want to help you be better. We want to help you think about where you are now and how you are going to get to the next level – even if that next level means staying put for a while. We want to challenge you will meeting your experience level.

We have so much stuff cooked up I want to spill the beans right now, but can't. What I can tell you is that much of this starts with amazing content. We need speakers who can help us help practitioners in the state of IL Level Up their game.

To that end, the 2015 Call for Speakers is up. There are two different calls, keynote and concurrent. While you don't have to follow our theme, submissions that align with it will be highly considered. Also, to be considered for a keynote position, you need to have keynoted a conference of this size in the past. Please indicate that on your submission.

To submit a keynote session, click here:
To submit a concurrent session, click here:

 Registration will open soon! Hope to see you all in September.

Sabrina Baker