Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Leadership at ILSHRM

Hey y'all, as the Blogger In-Chief for Illinois SHRM, I am happy to report I have a new boss.  No, no, no --it's a good thing. It is not like the stuff many of us deal with on a day to day basis where we have bosses come and go.  This is a planned, orderly transition.  It is the Change of Guard.  Donna Rogers has completed her two-year term as State Director and passed the torch on to Cathy Plouzek.  While you don't find Cathy out here in the blogospher yacking about this or that, she does have a presence out here in what I will call the HR Social Space as you can find Cathy on LinkedIn and on Twitter as well.
Cathy lives in the Peoria area and has been active in the Heart of Illinois SHRM Chapter for many years.

I will, as subtly as I can, suggest to Cathy that she could take some of this space and share a few comments about our organization and just where she plans on taking us. So for the meantime consider yourself informed of our leadership changes.

And as an FYI Donna Rogers has taken a position on the SHRM Mac Council, I guess I need to get her to write a post about that!.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM