Sunday, January 12, 2014

January #SHRMChat on Social Media

Preparing for the upcoming #SHMRChat, we had a banter about using social media for State Councils and local SHRM Chapters – where is it at and where is it going. We have decided this conversation won’t be at the rudimentary level as most of the folks that hang our here are way past that. We have reached use of Social Media v 2.0 (or higher – pick your number).

So for tonight’s chat we wanted to delve into how social media and the web based tools are being used to truly engage members and chapters not just to make announcements to the world.

In Illinois we have begun to engage members by setting up a few webinars. They are relatively easy to do, and the tools to do so are inexpensive. We have also found discussions on LinkedIn as another way to engage others. In our chat I would be curious to know if anyone is using Google Hangouts as a way to engage. It seems like a great tool. How about Instagram or Pintrest what are you doing that is “out there?”

Here are the obligatory Five (5) questions we will discuss on our chat tonight.

Q1. What platform or medium has created your best engagement activities?

Q2. How do you measures success or failures when you are using social media

Q3. What tricks do you have or use to promote events or conferences?

Q4. Do you have any metrics to measure the value of your social media efforts?

Q5. What should SHRM be doing to help/train chapters and councils on SM?

See you Tuesday night 1/14/2014 at 8 Eastern/7 Central on hashtag SHRMChat (#SHRMChat).