Monday, April 30, 2012

Illinois SHRM State Conference

Last week our friends in Louisiana held their state conference.  Judging from the tweet stream it looked like an awesome event. Of course, the BIG SHOW - SHRM National is coming up in Atlanta June 24 - 27.

Well here in the Land of Lincoln a group of about 40 people having been working real hard to put together a fantastic SHRM state conference. No doubt, we here at the ILSHRM blog site are completely biased and have zero objectivity, so let me just throw down some things that we have planned for August 5 through August 8th extravaganza.

The conference is a full two-day event with a pre-conference session on Sunday. 


On Sunday August 5 we kick it off with A TNL Recruiting Conference. This will be lead by Criag Fisher a.k.a. fishdogs who will also be bringing along  Crystal Miller (TheOneCrystal) to help him out at this session, and probably a couple more folks from his posse.

Then on Monday we are going to go full tilt.  We are proud to have our own home town boy Charlie Judy (HRFishbowl) as the emcee for the event. Over the course of the two days we will have four keynote/general session presentations from ...
For our break out sessions there are five sessions each day, with six choices for each time slot. Check out this schedule.

We have also put together a Social Media Team, these are folks, who will be at the event and helping us support the event via numerous social media channels.
We have the principals from #TChat (Kevin and Meghan) with us for the conference; and on Monday evening after our sessions are over we are planning a Live #TChat event on-site at the Drury Lane Theater, and then transitioning into our Monday evening tweet-up.
Illinois SHRM has also partnered with Job Search Television Network JSTN. With their help  we will attempt to stream the TChat with LIVE Video on the internet.

These are people we have not yet mentioned who will be presenting breakout sessions, and will no doubt contribute more than just their presentations.

William Tincup (100K+ followers on twitter)

Also, we will have Geoff Webb and Jeff Waldman in attendance sharing their expertise with our attendees.  The two will be helping interested attendees to develop their social media understanding.  You can see more about the two in Susan Avello's interview.

We are building some additional resources for the conference as we speak.  We have a You Tube Channel for the conference.  We have made a twitter list of attendees (please let us know if you would like to be included).

You can also visit our Facebook Page and don't forget to sign up as an attendee at our Linkedin Event.

In addition to the aforementioned folks, this next group is what I will call "unconfirmed rumor of attendance." 

Understand that this is still a work in progress, and we have a few surprises we have not even touched on yet.  So here is the hook - if you haven't signed up yet - click here

Hope to see you in Oak Brook in August!

-Dave Ryan ISC SHRM Director of Social Media