Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SHRM National Checkin' us Out

Illinois SHRM is proud to welcome SHRM Representatives Nancy Conway and Martha Ramirez to the ILSHRM 2013 conference. SHRM National will have a booth where you will be able to find these ladies. Stop by and meet them both – I highly recommend doing so!

This from Martha…

Attending ILSHRM is a fantastic way to obtain professional development, make connections, and get HR help.  After every state conference, we always hear first time attendees’ comment they wished they had attended the conference before.  Others comment they wished they attended the conference more often.  “HR People Helping HR People” is very evident at the IL SHRM State Conference! Take the time to develop yourself and make connections within the state.  It will save you time in the long run – really!

During the conference, please stop by the SHRM Booth to connect with me, Martha Ramirez, SPHR and Nancy Conway, SPHR your SHRM staff representatives!  We’ll have information on ways to get the HR help that you need.  Also, we’re giving away some fabulous prizes.  Drop off your business card at the SHRM booth to be entered into the drawing. See you there!

Martha Ramirez, SPHR
Director, Western Region & North Central Field Services Director
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Phone: 703-535-6290
Mobile: 630-267-1944
Toll Free: 800-283-7476 x 6290

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Plan Ahead - My #ILSHRM13 Schedule

I have had the good fortune to attend a lot of conferences in the last five years.  Thanks to an understanding employer, supportive leadership within  SHRM organization at various levels, an understanding spouse  and a number of other factors, I have been afforded these opportunities.  I have attended in numerous capacities as well. One thing that happens when you attend a lot of events is this, somehow attending a ton of sessions and scooping up all of the HRCI credits you can get diminishes in importance.  Why - I don't know but it does.

BUT I am going to resolve to be a better person and I am going to do my best to attend all three keynotes and I hope to make it to five breakout session (hopeful that my ILSHRM duties don't prevent me from doing so).

So after having spent a lot of time reviewing sessions and content I have made my pics. (This is just me and what works for me - all of the sessions will be great!)  All thee keynotes, I am in. I am gonna tweet like a fool while grabbing those HRCI credits - BAM!

Then ...

Monday at 10:15 AM 
Doug Shaw  Building Connected HR Leadership

Monday at 3:30 PM    
Maren Hogan The Next Generation of Social Recruiting Tools  (Paul Hebert gets a hardy Czar recommendation as I have seen him present several time - I have yet to see Maren present; Sorry Paul

Tuesday Day 2 7:30 AM
(This is where you see who stayed out too late and/or who is tough)
Lyndsay Stanton Effective use of Mobile Technology to Drive Talent Acquisition

Tuesday  10:45 AM
Crystal Miller The Digital Footprint: Leveraging your social network to attract Talent

Tuesday 1:30 PM
Susan Avello  Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a High Tech World

Now I did this the old fashioned way with paper and the highlighter.  But as my evening is winding down I went to the Iphone and looked up my Bizzabo Icon for ILSHRM.  The next thing you know I have signed up and picked all my session. They are now added to my calendar.  BAM - Susan Avello more great work on the conference app (see she really knows the tech stuff)  Do sign up because we can all see who is attending and what session you will be attending.

My secret now.. I sent off an email to one of the keynote speakers to see if  #*^$#@.  Can't say.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Size Matters

Size matters.. Bigger is Better - you have heard all of the cliches before. Well I beg to differ on these points and would toss out my own cliche ... It's Quality over Quantity! That my line and I am sticking to it!

While this is not a complaint it is simply a fact, our pre-conference registration numbers are down for 2013, and we know why.  THAT, however has not stopped or slowed all of the hard working volunteers from ILSHRM from putting together a fantastic line-up of keynote and breakout session, Along with this we have also assembled a talented team of social media folks to help us spread the news about our event, both leading up to and during the conference.

So we are getting close to go time, BUT it is still not to late for you to attend click right here to do so.

If you are sitting on the fence about attending I would like to offer some insight. Please indulge me to run down the keynote presentation line up, and give you some of my thoughts on our speakers.

Dr, Daniel Crosby - He is a real Doctor. He is a blogger.  He has done TED talks, he is an author and a father.  This guy is worth the price of admission alone (even if he won't return my phone calls.)

Laurie Ruettimann is co-presenting with Kris Dunn Mid day on Monday. In my opinion both Laurie and Kris are icons when it comes to Human Resources.  I have come to know these two through social media, while having had the opportunity to meet both of them IRL (in real life) as we say.  Laurie is an outspoken, opinionated sometimes bad girl of HR - but always entertaining and thought provoking. She is often quoted, she speaks a lot.  Kris is one of the brightest minds when it comes to HR and recruiting. He is also a prolific blogger. He is the founder of Fistful of Talent (a must read site for any HR Pro - IMO) and he has his own site The Human Capitalist. As an aside, Kris is a huge basketball fan and manages to often weave that into his thoughts and commentary about HR. If you don't believe me ask him about the eight-man rotation.

So put that Kris and Laurie formula together, stir it up, let it age a bit - and we will see how it turns outs.  If I had a grand to bet, I would go long on this presentation. I'll bet these two do a presentation that will be talked about for a year. Anyone care to bet me?

Our third Keynote presentation is from a guy that I have know for several years now. He comes from a royal humble HR background and now travels around the world country in his jet Mustang. Mr Dwane Lay is also a speaker, author, and someone who actually works in HR.  He come from a background of LEAN processes and often speaks about applying those process to HR. Dwane has also spear-headed fund-raising efforts for disadvantaged kids at SHRM 2012 in Atlanta and at SHRM 2013 in Chicago.  Dwane will no doubt bring his A+ game to Illinois SHRM.

Meanwhile, Susan Avello (ILSHRM volunteer extraordinaire) has assembled an informative collection of  videos from many of our breakout presenters as well. There are going to be some hugely memorable breakouts as well.   We will talk more about them later in the week.

So scroll back up to the top... oh never mind do it here ... to register for the conference.

I hope to see you at The Illinois SHRM 2013 Conference in Oak Brook, IL. I will be there along with many of the cool kids- you should be there too!

- Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM