Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ILSHRM - HR people helping HR people

Cathy Plouzek
Hey ya’ll!  As our Blogger in Chief – Dave Ryan so eloquently put it…he has a new boss at ILSHRM!  The torch has been passed, the guard has been changed!  Welcome to another year.  I am really excited about this new “gig”.  We’ve got an enthusiastic team ofHR professionals  on the board and we are eager to get started.  Before I get into what’s new with ILSHRM, allow me to formerly introduce myself….
I’ve been an HR Pro for over 25 years.  Yes, for those of you counting, I started in HR when I was 10. In addition to my new ILSHRM responsibilities,   I just started a new “paid gig” as IntegratedHR Solutions Advisor for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.  
At the 2008
Chicago marathon.
I’ve also served on Chapter and State Council boards for… let’s just say, a LONG time.  At the Chapter level, I’ve held positions of SHRM Foundation Chair, Membership Chair, President Elect, President, Past President, and Treasurer.   I joined the State Council board in 2010 as Conference Co-Chair.  Yes, I’ve no doubt drank the SHRM Kool-Aid!  
In my spare time, I run marathons for fun.  My husband and I enjoy hitting the pavement on our 26.2 mile runs for some “quality” couple time.  Who said running marathons is not FUN.
In his last post, our Blogger in Chief subtly suggested I use this space to share a few comments about our organization and my plans for the next two years.   For me, ILSHM is HR people helping HR people.  A few years ago, someone asked me why I volunteer for ILSHRM.  My answer was – NETWORKING, NETWORKING, and NETWORKING!  The friendships that I have made (both personally and professionally) while serving on the local and state boards are “second to none”.  It is a very comforting feeling to know that anytime I have a question or a challenge or a new project to tackle, that help can be found by phoning a colleague, sending an email, tweeting, Facebook posts, making a LinkedIn connection…  the list is endless.  That’s what I want us to focus on – building our ILSHRM network.  We have over 11,000 HR Pros/SHRM members in the State of Illinois – let’s get connected! 
On Sunday, January 27th, the ILSHRM core board will hold our Strategy and Planning meeting where we will refine our vision, mission, and strategic priorities.  I’ve also asked the board to come prepared to discuss 3 chapter/at large and 1 state council initiative(s) that they want to tackle in 2013.   These initiatives will be recorded on a scorecard with deadlines and deliverables to help keep us on track.  On Monday, January 28th, volunteer leaders from all over the State will join us at our Annual State Leadership Conference.  The agenda for this conference is packed with workshops and breakout sessions to help us connect with each other and share best practices.  We will also present our scorecard and ask for feedback.
Well, that is a little about me, ILSHRM and a glance at where we are headed in the next couple of years.  Now, I’d love to hear from you.  What is ILSHRM to you?  Contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn or email  Share your ideas, stories, goals – and let’s get connected! 
-Cathy Plouzek - State Director ISC SHRM

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SHRM State Councils do What

The Illinois State  Council of SHRM is going to meet in one week. This is one of only two face to face meetings we have each year.  I know why we are getting together and why we are meeting.  I also think I know what it is that SHRM state councils do, but I don't think a lot of other folks get it. The reaction I get when I tell people I am a board member of this organization is somewhere between a deer in the headlights and your dog tilting their head to one side and looking at you like - you're crazy right?

As I ponder my question - what is it that SHRM State Councils do, I reacted the way I normally do when I have a question; I googled it.  The mothership at Duke Street has the answer.  While SHRM National's answer is succinct and to the point, I think the the state councils do more than this...
"State councils provide HR professionals with programs, published materials, conferences and more. They also serve as "entry points" for HR professionals new to a particular state or for those in an area not covered by a local chapter."
One of the biggest thing I think that we do is to be cheer leaders and supports of the National organization. We support them, promote them, mimic their actions, and do what ever they ask us to do.

Illinois, and I think most, but not all states hosts an annual State Conference.  These range from one day events to nearly week long extravaganzas depending upon which state you are examining.  State Councils also provide support to any and all chapters within their  state.

Today I am embarking on an effort to get other State Councils to share what it is they they do. All they will need to do is create a blog post about their State Council and what they do.

We will then create a carnival, linking all of these posts together as a resources for all of the state councils. I will be contacting as many of you as I know. If you do not get contacted and would like to participate - please email me and I will get in touch with you.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Meddia ISC SHRM