Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another ILSHRM12 Takeaway

I did not write a wrap up on this year's conference, I think because I am getting smarter in my old age. With the wisdom and support of our State Council Board we have been able to continue to bring folks to our conference who are brighter and more witty about writing about our show, than I could dream of being.  So I have let them have their way with us.

This is some of the material that has been posted, about the conference.

It seems as thought lately we get fewer but better higher quality posts about these events. There is not the rush to be the very first.

My big take away came from the next to last session on software implementation, which was hosted by the omnipresent William Tincup.  As the session was winding down, William asked if there were any questions. My fellow ILSHRM colleague Joe Smedinghofff, a.k.a. "Big Joe"  asked William this, "What is coming down the pike with software?"   William pondered the question for a moment and he said this.  "Software is becoming predictive."   

Wow! That is something,  I can see this happening right before my eyes. William, as always is dead on with this assessment of where software is going.

Disagree?  Siri (dink) where is the best place to get sushi in the area?    - need I say more.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

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