Monday, January 16, 2017

Meet Steve Browne at ILSHRMLead

If you know me at all, you probably know that I enjoy writing content and putting it on the internet.  I hope that some people read what I have to say, at least now and then. But I enjoy the writing part even more when it is about something or someone that I really like. Today’s post is about my good friend (and a friend to most everyone who works in HR in North America) Steve Browne.

I am writing about Steve because those of us who are involved in SHRM in Illinois are going to have an opportunity to visit with Steve again at this year’s Illinois Leadership Conference.  Steve joined us in 2015, and is coming back for what will probably be a standing bi-annual standing invitation.
Today’s post is written for those who are not in Steve’s tribe, although the rest of you are welcome to read through and see what I have to say about Steve.

In putting together this piece I was quite surprised to find content mentioning Steve from as early as 2006 out here on the interwebs.   Steve has been an early adopter on all social platforms on the internet and has been at the forefront of Human Resources matters everywhere.   Not only is Steve involved, he is making a difference.  Through all of his work and involvement Steve has been elected to a seat on the Board of Directors for the Society of Human Resources Management. 

While he has made himself kind of a big deal, you would not think so to be around him.  Steve is one of the most outgoing people that I know, who is game for just about anything. 

We rarely talk about this but, like so many of us Steve is a hard working HR guy working in the trenches of HR pretty much everyday.  Steve work for a Pizzeria Chain in the Cincinnati area called LaRosa's.  Don’t be fooled this is a pretty good size operation and is iconic within about 250 miles of Cincy.

As a family man Steve has done pretty well.  He has a lovely wife Deb, and two children in college.  So he has done pretty well in this part of his life too!

So we are going to have Steve speak to all of the leaders of Illinois SHRM, and enlighten us a bit about HR and how we can be better at what we do. That is what Steve is all about.  As I mentioned earliar I did quite a bit of searching or “creeping” on the net to really get a feel for Steve.  So without a lot of fanfare, I going to share a little bit more of Steve with you  - so if you have a chance to meet Steve and see what he has to say you won’t want to pass this up at #ILSHRMLead.

Find Steve on the web...

Steve’s Linked In Profile
Steve’s Blog Site – Everyday People
Steve on Facebook

Here is Steve opening up OHSHRM in 2011

Here is Steve at the 2012 SHRM VLS Meeting

There is a little bit about Steve Browne. Hope to see you at ILSHRMLead!

- Dave Ryan ISC Director

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