Sunday, August 3, 2014

ILSHRM Kicks Off With Sunday Super Session

Illinois SHRM kicked off the 2014 Illinois SHRM state conference with a special workshop Sunday afternoon featuring Doug Shaw and Joe Gerstandt. Doug and Joe shared three hours with ILSHRM members teaching the Art of Leadership.

Doug and Joe's objective was for participants to be better equipped to introduce creativity and innovation into their workplace. It's proven that it matters, but creativity is often absent in workplaces for reasons not limited to, according to participants, being too busy, too risky, and too limited.

So how did we work on our creativity? We drew. Yes, we drew pictures.
It was fun, rejuvenating, thought-provoking. It was back-to-the-basics creative.  But here's what we learned. Creativity is best served when there is no fear of judgment.  It was free-for-all sketching when we knew we could draw our very own masterpiece and it would be tossed on the floor, to be seen by no one. But we were, perhaps,  more careful when we knew we had to show our work to our peers. Do we judge our staff and colleagues to the point of stifling creativity at the workplace?

Creativity can be defined as improvisation, doing something that is not planned. But to go without a plan, to pave a new way, to think differently, you still need some guiding rules and principles.

Rule 1. There are no mistakes.

Three principles:

1. Listen.
2. Say "Yes."
3. Commit.

In other words, Say "yes and..." 
Consider something like this: "Yes, I like that idea AND we could also...."

Doug and Joe brought creativity to a fabulous workshop at ILSHRM14.

Yes, AND in all the conversations, experiments and collaborations, we learned to bring creativity back to the workplace.

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