Monday, August 4, 2014

Give to Grill!

by Donna Rogers, SPHR, ILSHRM College Relations Director

Yeah that's right...this year's SHRM Foundation Chapter basket theme seems to be grilling.  Whereas last year it seemed to be Coffee and the year before that was Kindle and years before that it was IPods.  So what am I saying here? We are all a creature of habit.  We all copy each other. No! I say great minds think alike.  Oh yeah! ILSHRM Chapters have been donating theme (their own in fact) based baskets for several years just to help raise money for an organization that contributes to those great minds.  The SHRM Foundation!

What is the SHRM Foundation? Well in my own words based on my own person experience they are the organization I plug into in order to expand my own mind.  Maybe not directly but certainly indirectly.  I have been the recipient of a $750 scholarship for which they grant annually (many of these and other amounts).  The scholarship program helps active professionals as well as HR students.  In addition, I have participated in roundtables and facilitated them as well using their SHRM Foundation DVD Series.  I have also read many of their research reports as well as booklets containing new knowledge.  All of this has helped me become more productive over the years.

So why am I sharing all this? I am asking you to give to "possibly" grill using one of the three that will be given away at
10am tomorrow morning.  If you don't cook like me, there is a bunch more you can win instead like enough wine to slur your words for weeks, fix up your garden, check out the latest movie (with popcorn) or season those steaks your significant other grills for you.  Yep it's all there...a diverse group of 25 different baskets of goodies all for your money.

I gave $50 so I have 80 tickets to put in those baskets.  You can get tickets for as little as $5 buckets and you may win that hair product basket that I want with your few tickets.  It's the luck of the draw. So give to grill today or early
tomorrow and help improve our profession!

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