Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SHRM 2012 Atlanta

Are you going to the Big Show in Atlanta - SHRM12?  Or is it your turn to sit this one out?  Good News - it doesn't matter either way.  Because, the some of the really smart people at headquarters have decided to give the whole world a pathway to get many of the sights and sounds of what the show is like.

You can get all of the pre-game hype,  play by play during the event and wrap up all at one place, and it is buzzing there.

CLICK HERE to go there.

This site is in addition to the iphone/ipad app that has been built for the show. You can down load these for free as well.

This year SHRM has a social media team of 75 individual who will be generating posts, pictures, videos and who know what else from the event.

So whether you are going or not you need to check this site out and see all of the happenings of SHRM12.

I am proud to be one of the 75 folks on the social media team this year. If there is something you would like to hear, see or have investigated, just get in touch with me, with a message here, on twttter, facebook or linkedin and I will do my best to get the back story for you.

- Dave Ryan ISC SHRM Director of Social Media

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