Friday, June 8, 2012

IL SHRM Annual Conference Partners with Meet Meme

As in years past, this year's annual conference held on August 6-7, will offer an amazing opportunity for HR professionals from around the state to connect and network with others from around the state. 

"While the great speaker lineup and learning opportunities may be the thing that originally draw attendees to the IL SHRM conference, relationships built with fellow attendees is what brings them back again and again" says Sabrina Baker, the conferences Assistant Director.
In 2012, IL SHRM Conference planners have taken an additional step to encourage attendees to network with fellow attendees, speakers and vendors by partnering with Meet Meme.  Meet Meme offers a different approach to the traditional business cards often handed out at conferences.  Meet Meme cards are trading cards and allow each person to infuse a little bit of their personality into what they are handing out to others.
From Meet Meme's website:

Here are a couple card from events gone by.
"Meet-Meme is the ultimate icebreaker, providing a perfect introduction and instant basis of conversation in any situation. It's all about YOU: Focusing on your unique individual personality, each customized trading card presents a means to connect on a deeper level than traditional business cards or newfangled high-tech devices."

Each attendee to this year's conference will have the opportunity to sign up and receive, free of charge, 50 trading cards.  In addition, we will be utilizing the cards to incorporate a scavenger-hunt like game with each of our sponsors and vendors.  The prize for winning the scavenger hunt is sure to excite the crowd and will be revealed at a later date!

IL SHRM is very excited to be partnering with Meet Meme and the networking opportunity they provide.  Details for attendees to register for their cards will be coming soon.  In the meantime, we are looking for companies who want to promote their company on each and every card.  We want two separate sponsors to help us provide the cards to attendees and in turn, their company logo will be on each and every card.  That's 50 cards, per attendee.  Last year we had 852 attendees, the math really speaks for itself.

You can view a sample of the cards on the Meet Meme website at  If you are interested in sponsoring the cards or participating in our conference in any other way please contact Sabrina at

See you in August!

-Sabrina Baker ISC SHRM Conference Co-Chair

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