Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Mingle and Tweet

Ok all of you social media types headed to the Illinois State SHRM Conference, I am going to lay out there a goal for our upcoming conference. 100 that is the goal!

One of my goals for this conference is to create 100 #newusers on twitter.

This shouldn’t be too hard, I don’t think as our friend Jessica Merrill-Miller (no @blogging4jobs is not her name) will be instructing a social media boot camp on Sunday leading up to the Mondays keynote session.  While Jessica’s efforts will no doubt give my goal a giant boost, the omni-presence of social media luminaries should help the cause as well.

But we have to be careful… we want to reach out and welcome all of the folks who are new to twitter and other social media outlets that are in attendance. Ya know sometime we hang together… like a gang or something, which intimidates some folks. Or if we are not hanging out, like a pack of social media wolves, we are all standing around looking at our smart phones and not interacting with other folks.  If you really old then you have to hold the phone close to your face and look over the top of you bifocals. So let’s make sure we don’t do this.

Don’t get too caught up in tweeting or blogging while you are in a session. I still have people glare at me like, “how rude.”  If only they new I was complimenting the presenter.

We should have some great content coming out of the conference let’s just make we step outside the echo-chamber and engage the rest of the world; to see what they are thinking and doing at the conference. 

The mantra for the conference is meet, mingle and tweet!

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC-SHRM

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