Thursday, August 18, 2011

ILSHRM All Access - Daily Video Wrap-Up

Here at Illinois SHRM we have been trying to push the envelope, raise the bar, whatever metaphor you want to use, to bring innovation to the 2011 Conference.

Curtis Midkiff
Ryan Seacrest
Today I got some exciting news from an old friend who will be at the conference.  Joining us from the mothership on Duke Street will be Curtis Midkiff a.k.a. @shrmsocmedguy.    Last year upon his arrival it wasn’t 30 minutes before we were at Best Buy.  Curtis is one the edge of the Social Media and technology stuff, and I like hanging with him.

Well this year, Curtis is going to be transformed into ILSHRM’s version of  Ryan Seacrest.  Curtis will be gathering video both days of the show. Then at the end of each day we will post  his video wrap up of  Monday and Tuesday.  No doubt Curtis will go behind the scenes and get the “real story. “

So Check back with us to see ILSHRM All Accessa daily video recap of the conference on Monday and again on Tuesday.  Look at the photos above, and I ask you, who do you think would make a better host? 

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

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