Monday, August 22, 2011

ILSHRM11's Social Media Boot Camp

Dwane Lay checking out where the keynote sessions will be held

We’re off.  The exhibit hall opens Monday morning, and Ryan Estis is going to rock Illinois! So to the best of my knowledge all of the speakers are here – on site.  The theater hall, new to us this year (pictured left) looks FAB and will be ready  for our 800+ attendees on Monday.

The wireless seems to work throughout the facility.  The pass code, for the wireless access if you are on site is ISCSHRM2011 (all caps). I am not sure how the quality of the food will be, but if the quantity is represented by yesterday’s buffet there will be enough food to feed the entire metro area.

Out of the gate we held one session on Sunday.  It was the Social Media Boot Camp.  How did we (ILSHRM & Jessica Miller-Merrell) do?  To borrow a phrase from the military – the anecdotal evidence was that the program was very good and informative.  The effort was to introduce social media to those H.R. professionals who had no idea what social media is or how to use it.  We will get the reviews emailed to participants but my guess is you will see more Social Media Boot Camps at other state SHRM events.

Officially that ended the day’s activities – while tomorrow’s preparations continued.  There was a large contingent of speakers and Illinois SHRM volunteers who dined and socialized together at the end of the day’s events.  We discussed plans for tomorrow.  Be watching for tweets – posts and ILSHRM All Access – right here with SHRM's Curtis Midkiff.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

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