Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love HR

I work in Human Resources. I consider myself to be a professional. I am serious about my work and I think I do it well. Further, I am proud of what I do and I don’t mind telling the world.

And I do tell the world. Last week I spoke to a group of upper level undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Springfield. In talking to the students I presented a talk on HR and its accountability for safe work practices. Many of the students did not realize that in many organizations HR has responsibility for safety and risk management.

Without being too egotistical, I think my presentation was received favorably, based on the comments (albeit mandated by their professor) I received from the students. I have always been invited to return to all of the classes that I have addressed, so let’s say I do ok.

Why do I take my free time to put together presentations and the in front of students of others who want to know a little more about HR?

Here is why. Because if those of us in HR don’t get out and talk to the younger folks and passionately tell them what a wonderful career we have, no one else will tell them. Ball players, doctors and firemen all talk to students at all levels and promote their chosen field. Those of us in Human Resources MUST do this too!

So I implore each of you to get out of your work space and talk about HR. Talk to high school students at career day, talk to college students, or ask to speak to a Rotary Club, the 4-H group, anyone who will listen. Shout it from the mountain top, or your office, or where ever someone will listen –

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