Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Building An Employment Brand That Fuels Your Personal Brand

Are you a millennial ready to get your feet wet in HR? 

At the 2016 Illinois State Council Society for Human Resource Management (ILSHRM) conference beginning September 25th, HR leaders from a diverse group of industries will get together to help millennials gain value skills to take home to their careers.

Kristy Nittskoff, a speaker at this year’s ILSHRM conference, is the Founder of Talent-Savvy and has  over 10 years of human resources experience. Kristy helps companies to optimize recruitment and retention programs through implementing innovative talent attraction and employment branding strategies.

As a leader in the HR industry, Kristy will share what it takes to set yourself apart in the industry, and how to treat yourself as “brand” in order to best market yourself. Kristy works with top recruiters and HR managers to help them exceed expectations, and her session will discuss first hand different trials and tribulations she has helped them overcome.

Don’t miss Kristy’s session as she shares tips on how to build a robust employment brand, and more at ILSHRM.  More information and registration can be found here

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