Monday, August 19, 2013

ILSHRM13 Is Here

Putting together a SHRM state conference takes a lot of planning and coordinating the efforts of a lot of people.  On Sunday evening we were getting our human capital assets staged.  Many of the IL State Council volunteers are assembled at the conference hotel here in Oak Brook.  Many of the speakers and presenter arrived today.  The social media team has arrived and is on-site.  We are ready.  There was a gathering of this eclectic mix of folks on Sunday evening. Lead by Doug Shaw below is a little snipet of our team building exerecise.

As I looked around I began to take notice of all of the different geographical areas that were represented for various activities at the Illinois SHRM State Conference.  We have people here from the following locations:  IL, WI, MO, MI, OH, NE, NC, SC, TX, AL and England.  This is a pretty geographically diverse group. This should provide some very differing views to our 560+ attendees at the conference.  We are not just selling what we are doing here in Illinois.  

We have brought in some of the up and coming stars in the world of HR conference speakers and presenters.  We also have assemble a great social media team for 2013.  ILSHRM has provided a platform for many presenters to launch their careers. This year will be no different.

You can follow our tweet stream of #ILSHRM13 or visit our Facebook page or simply Google us to see what is going on.  Hopefully we will be posting some video as well.  

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