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Connecting with People On-Line

Susan Avello

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Susan Avello is Social Marketing Consultant and Principal of Social Buzz Concepts, specializing in Corporate Social Media Marketing Solutions, Training and Development. She shares her knowledge of Work-Life Balance, Social Media in the Workplace, and the latest in Technology over at HR Virtual Cafe blog, SHRM WeKnowNext and Social Media Today, and is a part of the social press team for SHRM annual conference and IHRIM Technology Conference. She is social media chair for Illinois SHRM State conference and helps Job Seekers and Veterans with their social job search as Co-Founder of She is the recipient of 2011’s Most Influential Women in Business award by Chicago’s Daily Herald Business Ledger, the National Association of Women Business Owners and Women’s Innovation Network. Follow her on Twitter @susanavello.

I'm a part of a fantastic community called #TChat (Talent Culture) and World of Work started by the awesome Meghan Biro. You should check out the TChat radio program on Tuesday evenings and our Twitter Chat on Wednesdays > Read more about that HERE. This is a fabulous global professional discussion where we discuss things from Social Business and Branding to Careers and the World of Work.

This past Wednesday we discussed "Connecting Career Dots" and let me say it was a great discussion. I learn so much from this community. You need to connect with them. It's always great to learn from others in business and hear their expertise, experience and to always be learning. One of the questions that was on the agenda that we discussed was our "What is your advice to those in the Job Market for utilizing technology" and my answer was a big "Build your Community BEFORE you need it!"

Building an online community takes time, effort and patience. Some people just don't get this.

Some people start their social strategy without a strategy and think that they can immediately start selling their wares, themselves, their careers, their resume's or whatever and that's just not how it works.  It takes time to build a trusted brand and community that includes sharing others content, retweeting, interacting, engaging and proving that you're an expert in your field. Why would you want to shoot it all to hell by self promotion?

Social Community Building is a sticky wicked. Granted, you're there to show the world how fabulous you are but there is a thin line between self-promotion and showing you're all that! It's more about relationship building.

I have folks tell me all the time "Susan, you are so connected - how did you ever get that way?"

My answer? I follow folks that I wanna connect with. I engage with them. I share their awesome content. I make them laugh. I comment on their updates. And then they start noticing starts happening. They start following you back. They start commenting on your updates, and so on, and so on.

Yes, this takes a lot of time and perseverance. But the end justifies the means.

I know that if and when I need anything, I have a community that knows the answer or where to go to get it. These folks trust me and are totally willing to lend a hand, send a recommendation, help me get a job or refer me to someone who needs my goods.

If you were laid off today or needed an immediate answer to a pertinent question do you have that community that you could go to for these kinds of things? Something to ponder.

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