Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Want to Write For ILSHRM

Anything for the team -John !

To: Members and Friends of ILSHRM

From: ILSHRM Board

We want you. Where is a picture of Dave the HR Czar pointing at you when you need one? (What, we do have one?) We are putting together our Winter edition of your ILSHRM Magazine and are looking for

For those of you unfamiliar with the ILSHRM Magazine, it is publication that ILSHRM puts out a few times a year. It is not your typical newsletter but a full blown real deal magazine. It is distributed to HR professionals throughout the state of Illinois and a few sneak out nationally. Our press run is around
10000 copies.

The “theme” of our next issue is on the elections (state, local or Federal) will affect HR and the workplace. As you can imagine, the outcome could have vast implications on how we operate as a profession and in business in general. If you have opinions or thoughts that you would like to share, please let us know. All entries will be considered and the best will be used, especially if we get a nice mix of both local and national topics. This is not limited to ILSHRM members but they might get first
priority if we run out of space.

There is a deadline of November 28, 2012 so we can choose and forward to our publisher. If you are interested, notify me and I can get you the details for the articles. I know a bunch of you who will read this post have plenty of great thoughts and writing skills. Let’s put both to good use.

John Jorgensen

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