Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ILSHRM12 More than A Conference

I have been home from the Big Show in Atlanta for a couple weeks. I am working my small part of trying to ensure that our 13th ANNUAL ILLINOIS HR CONFERENCE AND EXPO is a success. One of the things I do, as the Director of Social Media is blog and tweet about SHRM events going on here in Illinois. For the State Council this is our biggest event.

Now, the State Council or any SHRM chapter is only as good as the people who run the Chapter or State Council; consequently we are like the Marines… looking for a few good men/people. So here is the pitch, attending the State Conference would be a really great way to meet many of the folks who make up the Board of the State Council. I would guess that many, if not all of our 20 Chapter Presidents from around Illinois will also be in attendance. This means you can meet or talk with them as well at the event. Then you can gauge if you would like to get more involved in the organization.

Needless to say, being a devout SHRMie (as my wife refers to us) I would like to see more people involved, because I think great work is done by SHRMies at all levels. Specifically, I would like to share one my recent successes which is because of SHRM and the opportunities I have been afforded as a Board Member of the Illinois State Council of SHRM.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend the SHRM Leadership Conference, which takes place every year in the Metro DC area. In my opinion, one of the main purposes of the conference is to re-evangelize older members like me, and pump-up and interest new members. This is done in a number of ways by many different folks at SHRM. I had attended several times before, but had never done what they call the Lobby Day. This is where SHRM members from all over the country head over to Capitol Hill and visit with their elected officials about SHRM’s position on some current issues. SHRM tells us this is very effective. So in 2011 I participated in Lobby Day, along with about 400 other members. This is part of SHRM Advocacy Team’s efforts, or what they call the A-Team. Their goal is to get members engaged with the elected officials.

Congressman Schock & Dave Ryan
The whole program is well put together, and quite enlightening. I did get a chance to actually talk to the Congressman Aaron Schock, who represents the district where my employer is located, and where I live as well. He’s my guy. While the visit was brief, we spoke and I kindly told my young Congressman that if he was ever in the neighborhood and would like to come by and see me, and the folks at my employer, I would be happy to show him around. The meeting ended, we went our separate ways.

Now, from November of 2011, let’s fast forward to July 2012. On Wednesday July 11, I got a call from someone in Congressman Schock’s Office asking me if 10:45 on August 8 would be ok instead of 10:15. I had to contemplate the voicemail. Hmm, it sounds like The Congressman is, or would like to come see me, my employer and our staff. I called back Congressman Schock’s advance person, and he admitted that someone was to have contacted me first. Elated, that Congressman Schock had taken up my passing offer I was thrilled. I called back and now we have a confirmed visit. How cool is that?

This came to fruition because of SHRM Lobby day. It would be my hope that I will get to know Congressman Schock a little better this time. That is how relationships are built – slowly. Heck, who knows, he might even call me if there is a significant piece of HR related legislation pending; I could tell him how it would affect me and other SHRMies out here in the hinterlands.

So, you see if you attend the 13th ANNUAL ILLINOIS HR CONFERENCE AND EXPO you may well become interested in becoming a part of it, and you too could be knee deep in politics, law, HR and not to mention all of the Conference frivolity.

We will let you know how the visit works out, hope to see you at the conference.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

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  1. How did a Social Media guru become such a political animal / insider??? Impressive, Mr. Ryan!