Monday, November 7, 2011

TNL Live Coming to Chicago Land

I recently became aware of an event that is coming not only to the mid-west but right here in the Land of  Lincoln and Illinois SHRM. Many of you have heard of HREvolution.  Some of you have heard or the Tru Conferences as well, and you may know that they are similar events. Well I am so excited about his event I must go back to one of my favorite video clips of all time from my man Kent Dorfman- enjoy...

What is great?  The Talent Net Live show coming to the Chicago area.  Craig Fisher is the guy who has put this together. Craig is social media when it comes to recruiting. Where can you find him Linked IN  Twitter  (Yeah that's right 35,000 followers) Facebook (+2500 Friends) His Blog site.

Craig is taking his show on the road.  He has done a number of events in his backyard in the Dallas area, but this is about as far from home as he has taken his Talent Net Live.  Talent Net Live is joining forces with JSTN Studios in Aurora.   Here is an overview of the December 5th event.

There will be a number of prominent social media folks who are active in the HR space both presenting and attending.  Now having said all of this I also have a discount code for Illinois SHRM Members.  Simply go to the registration form here. For a 25% discount use the discount code "tnlspecial".

- Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

We will do a follow-up or two to this even, but I hope to see you there.

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