Saturday, July 23, 2011

Don't be a Lurker

Is this your involvement with Social Media?

Ok, so you are intrigued by this stuff we call social media.  The blogging, the tweets, the Facebook stuff, Klout, Linkedin – you got the idea.  While you may be involved at some level, whether or not you are truly immersed, or are somewhat of a lurker, or creeper this stuff has got your attention.  Whatever your level of involvement, you are curious or intrigued. If this is you – then you must attend the Illinois SHRM State Conference in Oak Brook, IL.  Why?

This year, at the conference we have a whole cavalcade of social media luminaries attending this year’s conference.  And given that these folks are going to be at the event, this will be one of the best opportunities you may have to meet these folks In Real Life. 

I can tell you from many of my own person experiences, when you meet someone on-line and then have a lot of interactions with them – then you meet face to face, it is a wonderful experience.

Sadly, I guess I can’t get through this post without a little name dropping, so I must.  If, or when you get a chance to meet some of the cool kids, like say Jessica Miller-Merrell you will find out that she is a sweet, smart, unassuming young lady who is very down to earth like the rest of us.  If you go up to her and introduce yourself, I guarantee she will be genuinely pleased to meet you.  Jessica is a nice young lady – and a mom.

Should you cross paths with China Gorman and want to meet her, she will be as happy to meet you as you are to meet her.  China is well known and respected in the HR space, but she is a down to earth charming lady.  How about a guy like William Tincup?  If you get a chance to meet him by all means do so.  While William may be somewhat unconventional, he is another social media luminary you should meet, if you have the opportunity.

My point is this; all of speakers, bloggers, social media luminaries who are well known in the HR Social Media space are just regular people.  None of these folks have their own security entourage or staff that will be traveling with them.  So if you see any of these folks, talking to others, or just hanging out and you would like to meet them. Then all you need to do is go up to them and introduce yourself.  

This conference will be a fantastic opportunity to meet those who are involved in Social Media.  Push yourself to come out of your shell and connect with folks face to face.  That’s part of what conferences are about today.

We have been building a twitter list of attendees. You can find it here – let me know if you would like to be included.

-Dave Ryan Director of Social Media ISC SHRM

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