Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The WOWIEs: the Wellness Factor

Note: The City of Highland Park was one of the 2010 WOWIE Award Winners for its innovative and effective employee wellness program. We asked Jolene Moore, the Wellness Coordinator, to share with her colleagues how Highland Park made a difference.
Jolene Moore
By Jolene Moore

The City of Highland Park wellness program (WIN) was designed to create a culture of health in our organization and enhance the lives of our employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in healthy activities, engage in educational programs and make positive lifestyle changes that will ultimately improve their health and earn a valuable incentive. The WIN Program uses the aggregate biometric employee data to determine the needs of its employees and design programming accordingly.
Any employee who chooses to "enroll" in the wellness program (WIN) has the ability to earn the incentive. To enroll in the program an employee must:

• attend wellness fair

• complete a health risk assessment

• complete biometric screening

Once enrolled, employees complete required activities, i.e. physical and dental exams, in order to earn reward points that will allow them to earn the incentive. Employees are also encouraged to participate in activities that encourage health and wellness. Programs such as an annual walking challenge, weight loss challenge, and access to a free fitness center are provided for employees. Educational resources such as speakers and “lunch and learn” sessions are used regularly to share knowledge. For these sessions, the WIN Program has used local health professionals (i.e. chiropractor, registered dietician) and national organizations (i.e. American Heart Association, American Cancer Association). A WIN library also offers employees myriad health resources.

The City has seen definite improvements in the overall health in many employees and will continue their commitment to further the wellness initiative.

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