Monday, February 14, 2011

Tracks at the 2011 Illinois State SHRM Conference

We are thrilled to make more announcements about the 12th annual Illinois State SHRM Conference. In order to allow HR practitioners to keep up with the rapid growth in the use of social media in the workplace, we have added a special track of presentations on social median and how it can be used by HR. 

Presenters will include Jessica Miller-Merrill (author of Tweet This, Twitter for Business) on the basics of social media, Michael VanDervort (director of labor relations for Publix Foods) on how unions are using social media, Jennifer McClure (president of Unbridled Talent) on how to use social media for recruiting, William Tincup (CEO of Tincup & Co.) on the strategic use of social media and Lisa Callaway (VP & General Consul of the Management Association of Illinois) on some of the pitfalls and traps for businesses in social media.

We will have five other tracks in addition to the social media offering.  The other tracks include: strategic HR, Talent Management, Legal/Employee Relations track, the HR Tools track and the Total Rewards track

Look for future announcements about other top quality speakers who will be addressing attendees on HR and related topics at this year’s ILSHRM conference.

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  1. I'd like to recommend a great resource for those choosing the "social media" track. The new book, "Human Resources Guide to Social Media Risks" ( is an excellent resource for HR professionals.

    Social media is ubiquitous. We cannot escape it. This has begun to create very significant challenges to organizations, not only from the productivity perspective, but from the legal perspective. Existing state and federal laws and related court cases are already creating a set of social media-related employment case law that every employer must be aware of in order to safely navigate this new environment.

    Whether or not you decide to permit social media usage in the workplace, you need to have an understanding of the underlying risks. Further, and as the book details, deciding not to use social media in the workplace does not eliminate workplace social media risks as employee will make use of the technology through smartphones and other devices. Further, organizations have no control over employees on their own time. A significant amount of organizational damage can occur during the off-hours.

    I would recommend that anyone interested in mitigating social media risk pick up a copy of "Human Resources Guide to Social Media Risks" ( It will provide an understanding of these new and evolving risks.

    Jesse Torres
    "Human Resources Guide to Social Media Risks"