Friday, February 25, 2011

Thanks to the ILSHRM Technology Director

This post is about our revamped Illinois State Council of SHRM website. We have tweeted and re-tweeted about it, so if you are out here in the HR blogosphere you probably already know this. But, I must say I am really proud of the new site and the look. I didn’t have anything to do with other than offer a few opinions now and then. The State Council has a dedicated volunteer Carrie Gurski who has worked long and hare to bring this to fruition.

ISC Technology Director Carrie Gurski
 Carrie is like many other SHRM volunteers, she goes about her volunteer work in the organization without any fanfare and very little recognition. All of us in HR know this is wrong, as employers, we are supposed to recognize and reward our top performers. So on behalf of the entire Illinois State Council of SHRM I am calling out Carrie Gurski our Technology Director/Webmaster and letting her know how grateful we are for her efforts.

Now while I don’t want to diminish Carrie’s efforts at all but as I write this post I am seeing the tweets roll in from California from the SHRM Regional Conference #SHRMreg. The attendees are State Council Directors & Director Elects and of course the folks from the mothership on Duke Street (Headquarters). But this organization is driven so much by volunteers at all levels. Most of whom do their work in obscurity making the local chapters and state councils run.

So thanks to all of our SHRM volunteers here in the Land of Lincoln, but I am saving our biggest kudos and thanks for Carrie.

- Dave Ryan ISC Director of Social Media


  1. Here Here. Carrie has been a great dedicated volunteer for ISC-SHRM and we would not be where we are today without her.

    Thank you Carrie for your hard work over the years.

  2. Dave, It is such a great feeling to be recognized for the project results, hard work and personal time commitment. Thank you so much... Carrie

  3. Hooray for Carrie! In her "spare time" she has also been a long-dedicated volunteer for the Oak Brook chapter of SHRM. She has helped us through many tough times including a near disaster situation in which our new webmaster bailed out on us.

    Dave's right when he points out that we in HR don't always practice what we preach. Recognition can be sparse in our SHRM volunteer roles. Thank you Dave, for taking time out to recognize Carrie. And THANK YOU Carrie for all you've done for SHRM at both the state and local level!