Saturday, December 4, 2010

Third Keynote Address For 2011 Illinois SHRM State Conference

The Illinois State Council of SHRM is pleased to announce our third keynote address for our 2011 State Conference. The presentation is titled “Strategic Relationship Management: The Breakthrough HR Competency” and will be presented by Talent Anarchy.

Jason Lauritsen is the corporate guy, the man on the inside. He spends his days in the belly of the beast as a corporate Human Resources leader where he has to actually “walk the talk” each day. Since his first management job as a corn detasseling team leader at age 13, Jason has been studying people and why they do what they do. Classically impatient, curious and well groomed, Jason’s early career was a rapid progression of sales and management roles including launching, leading and ultimately selling a small business in his mid-twenties. He’s a leader, sales guy, entrepreneur and corporate executive–all rolled up in one. You can find Jason on Twitter or on Linkedin 
Joe Gerstandt is the sage consultant. He’s a middle-aged white guy who is a national thought-leader on issues of diversity and inclusion–need we say more? He brings a unique and powerful perspective to everything he does. The core of Joe’s work is to help organizations solve issues of diversity, culture and innovation through consulting, training and speaking. Listening to Joe speak, you will hear tales of his days as a U.S. Marine and Gulf War veteran blended with his experience in sales, education, and community-building. To say that Joe is intense and passionate about his work would be an understatement. He is one part professor, one part philosopher, and one part “not quite right.” Be prepared. This is not your average HR guy. Find Joe on Twitter or on Linkedin.

About the Program

In summing up the program, Joe and Jason express to their audience that it’s not enough for an HR professional to just get the basics right. Becoming a strategic business partner in your organization is also about knowing the right people and being able to establish and manage key relationships. The most effective HR leaders understand the importance of alliances in influencing behavior and overcoming resistance. Could you use more influence? Join Talent Anarchy for this examination of relationships and take away practical approaches for Strategic Relationship Management.

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