Friday, November 19, 2010

Be Polite - And Don't Tweet at the Conference

Day two at leadership is better. We have put sick Uncle SHRM to bed –he’ll be fine. The Friday morning vibe is much better. At the General session there was a lot of talk about diversity, life work balance and social media. Me I am happy to hear the talk of social media.

The morning panel included Eric Petersen, Lisa Horn and Curtis Midliff. The dialogue was great and the audience appeared well caffeinated and engaged. Eric managed to keep diversity on the front burner with interesting comments and information. Not to be outdone Lisa talked about work life balance and her other role in government relations. Then onto my man – who was tweeting while on stage.
Panelist Curtis Midkiff, Lisa Horn and Eric Petersen

Curtis asked for all of the people on twitter RIGHT NOW to raise their hand. My guess is that about 150 people raised their hand. There were supposed to be 800 attendees, so about 20% - not bad. Curtis talked about how to engage and involve chapters via social media. Curtis had some good dialogue and a number of how to question – which he addressed and will continue to do so. Perhaps the best moment of the Q. & A was this. Curtis wanted to address a question that had been posted out on twitter. The message was tweeted by John Jorgensen. Curtis called John out on the question and wanted to address it. John told Curtis that the question was actually from the person sitting next to him, who refuses to adopt any form of social. BAM- score one for the tweeters.

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